Yandex Smart Home and MiBand: examples of Ubiquitous Computing (ID)*

*Entry is written for the Interaction Design course The concept of Ubiquitous Computing (UbiCom) is quite difficult for being understood by the common user. It is supposed to make all the devices which surround a human daily ready to be used by making every-second-every-place calculations. The main difference between Cloud Computing and UbiCom is that... Continue Reading →

Mi Madrid #11: Fiesta San Isidro

May can rightly be considered one of the most intense months of the holidays in Madrid. So, after the Labor Day, the city celebrated 211 years of victory over France in the struggle for the independence of the Madrid district. A week later, the St. Isidore Festival started, which lasted from May 10 to 15.... Continue Reading →

Mi Madrid #10: Hygge & Danmark

All people in the world can be divided into two types. Some have visited Denmark, a country of cosiness and comfort, while others have not yet. And let this division be considered sucked from the finger, but personally, for myself I did it - I crossed the border from one half to the other. One... Continue Reading →

Recognition Rather Than Recall (ID)*

*Entry is written for the Interaction Design course Everyone has an experience when he\she couldn't remember a person's name or the capital of Venezuela (it's Caracas, obviously!). And everybody can agree that passing tests with multiple choice is much easier than when it faced with open questions. So, this is a field called Recognition vs Recall.... Continue Reading →

Mi Madrid #9: Mama mia, Italia!

What associations does the word “Italy” cause you? The country in the form of a boot, pasta, pizza - in some. Fashion Week in Milan, the Colosseum in Rome, gondola rides in Venice - with others. For some, Italy simply remains a country for show and does not cling to color or history. Others fall... Continue Reading →

Book review: A Dark Lure by J. A. White

Classic detective thriller - this may seem at first glance the work of Canadian writer Loret Ann White. Confronting the unfortunate victim and cunning maniac, mysterious murders and a brilliant ending. However, behind the mask lies something more, romantic, and it sheds light on the bloody darkness. At that moment, when the caterpillar thought that... Continue Reading →

Mi Madrid #7: Al-Andalus

Andalusia is one of the most famous provinces in Spain. Here you can try unusual dishes, swim in the sea and admire the mixed architecture, which came under the influence of the Moors who once inhabited the region. For us, the trip to Andalusia was not planned until the very last day. So we went... Continue Reading →

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