Book review: 1984 by George Orwell

Let me write with jactance but I have finally finished reading the world of dystopia. That's the fourth book, standing now on a shelf right with such famous books as 451 Fahrenheit, We & Brave New World. Guess I will write my reviews for the last two, but now I would present you this one.... Continue Reading →


Bad Design Samples (ID)*

*Entry is written for the Interaction Design course. Nowadays developers invent more & more ways to simplify the user interface, starting from the social side researching new tendencies in how people think and behave and going straight to apply more complex technologies in creating templates (website constructors might be a good enough example). However, they... Continue Reading →

Mi Madrid #4: Sunny Cordoba

What can happen when two Russians meet at the Spanish party in a cottage south of Madrid? That's right, one is calling the other for a visit! So it happened when I met Kristina at Motivational Weekend by BEST Madrid. Invite received, tickets to Cordoba bought. 24-hour challenge started! But not everything is so simple…... Continue Reading →

Blog Hop: Friday Fill-ins #6

If it wasn't for sport, I would be living a less active life.Think before the action.Face-to-face is my preferred way of communication.You can't buy happiness, but you can buy some free time to be happy. I'm having much pleasure of joining a blog hop, hosted by Ms. Ellen of 15andmeowing  & Ms. Lorianne of Fourleggedfurballs. 1. If... Continue Reading →

Blog Hop: Friday Fill-ins #5

I want to make something valuable in my life.My friends are people from all around the world.A day in my life always includes walking.Good things happen to those who behave well. I'm having much pleasure of joining a blog hop, hosted by Ms. Ellen of 15andmeowing  & Ms. Lorianne of Fourleggedfurballs for the fifth time. 1. I... Continue Reading →

Mi Madrid #2: Studies

The Internet is full of articles describing education in Europe. But most often they are superficial and give only a general idea. I decided to explore the educational process in Spain. Of course, I cannot give any specific assessment of the quality of education or fully describe your own feelings just after a week at... Continue Reading →

Blog Hop: Friday Fill-ins #4

Superbowl Sunday is so far from me.Lack of time bores me. There is so much I can do, give me the 25th hour!!If you have yourself, you have everything.My skill set could get me a job as a software engineer. The same time it could bring me anywhere, cause the main skill you need to... Continue Reading →

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