“…And Seven Times Never Kill Man” by George Martin

We have no stories of gods. What could be the story? The gods live in sacred pyramids, and we pray to them, and they guard us and give us the light of life. They do not jump back and forth, do not fight and do not beat each other, like your gods. Man and animal.... Continue Reading →

“A Song For Lya” by George Martin

Only a voice and a touch, and again - darkness. What does it mean religion? Belief in God, a man, a subject. Every nation can follow its own faith. Every person can choose God himself. But can the whole nation, the whole planet have a single faith? And if so, what kind of faith is... Continue Reading →

Louvain-la-Neuve: Bang!

I can assure that I like playing board games, especially with a specific theme or games of chance. We have spent hours sitting in a circle and talking, chilling, having fun together. Unlike the interviews, that kind of social activity was more active, and, obviously, had let me observe many people for a time. Please... Continue Reading →

Louvain-la-Neuve: never have I ever

How important is the first impression? We always want to look perfect when meet somebody new, but what if I say that it's definetely reversed when you talk about BEST courses? Basicly you don't suck there, cause everything is perfect from the very beginning. Even if you have no service. So, what would you do?... Continue Reading →

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