Book review: A Dark Lure by J. A. White

Classic detective thriller - this may seem at first glance the work of Canadian writer Loret Ann White. Confronting the unfortunate victim and cunning maniac, mysterious murders and a brilliant ending. However, behind the mask lies something more, romantic, and it sheds light on the bloody darkness. At that moment, when the caterpillar thought that... Continue Reading →

Book review: Orange is the New Black by P. Kerman

This is not just a series about drugs, lesbians and prison survival. “Orange is the New Black”, first of all, is the history of the formation of a person in society and the reassessment of one’s own life principles and values. This is a story about how important is family and friends in difficult times.... Continue Reading →

“Sand Kings” by George Martin

They have a collective mind. In this case, for each castle, there is one collective mind. They lead wars. They even enter into alliances and conclude contracts among themselves. Simon Kress - a lonely man, among other things, loves to wind up unusual animals from the expanses of the Galaxy. When all the pets die,... Continue Reading →

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