Book review: A Dark Lure by J. A. White

Classic detective thriller – this may seem at first glance the work of Canadian writer Loret Ann White. Confronting the unfortunate victim and cunning maniac, mysterious murders and a brilliant ending. However, behind the mask lies something more, romantic, and it sheds light on the bloody darkness.

At that moment, when the caterpillar thought that life was over, it turned into a butterfly.

Loreth Anne White


Many years have passed since Sarah Baker fled from the maniac who held her captive for the whole winter and was about to start a hunt in the spring. She changed her appearance, personality, place of residence and practically erased the ill-fated memories. For a long time, the woman hid on the ranch under the name Olivia West, until one day the harsh winter came.

Along with bad weather came the bad news. The rancher owner Miron is seriously ill, and a local businessman claims for his lands, intending to rebuild the year-round resort in place of the once-natural reserve. At the request of Olivia, the old Cole’s son returns home in order to keep the ranch in the hands of the family. Ambiguous relationships are established between Sarah and the former military journalist, and Cole, step by step, is trying to unravel the secret and find out the past of a woman with a scar around her neck.

At the same time, a retired police officer, Gage, after an endless search, finds the real killer with Walt Lake. Nobody believes his discovery, and therefore the cop decides to punish the culprit on his own. Whether it is accidental, but he leads the maniac straight to the ranch, giving him a chance to complete the hunt, which began one spring day.


The book is written in such a way that captures the reader from the very beginning. The author skillfully controls the course of history, switching the context and changing the characters at a time when it is required to preserve intrigue. It is impossible to choose a favorite at once, since the details of the life of the characters are revealed gradually, both to the characters and to the reader.

The plot of the story is quite long and begins to enter the active phase only by reading half. The author as if gathers forces (= heroes) before the decisive assault. This assault is the last step a maniac takes on a day of rapid snowfall. In the same assault, the reader is hopelessly immersed, page by page, until the sky finally breaks off the needle of climax and revenge.


The work attracts not only the key opposition of the victim and the hunter, but also the complex interactions of fathers and children, human suffering and desires. The author shows how difficult one person can be, but how similar she can be to the life of another. Faced with two problems, you can find a common solution, and with it a wonderful one. Like a ranch, children or a snowy white plateau.


STORY: 9/10

STYLE: 7/10



Vodka plus martini might be a nice option to spend an evening reading the love episodes but for thriller ones I advice you to drink some clean whiskey.

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