Mi Madrid #1: Lost and Found

Who does not like to travel? Adventures are sometimes precisely the missing part, for the search for which the long fees are not needed – just leave the house. But I went further – I flew away to Spain for half a year.

Those adventures happened firstly on the day of departure, January 25th. Flight St. Petersburg – Paris was delayed for an hour. The plane arrived at the airport 40 minutes later and refueled another 15 minutes. Fortunately, the reserve was 3 hours at the dock, so I relaxed and happily swallowed lunch, and a small bottle of red wine erased the remnants of doubt.

Wonderful dinner with French wine & Russian chocolate

We landed, oddly enough, on schedule. I met the guys who were sitting one row behind me. Dima and Veronica flew the same route, and we spent time together at Charles de Gaulle airport. A small dinner in a Japanese restaurant, where the colorful plates on the ribbon do not attract their price. But even this did not spoil the impressions of new acquaintances.

I was in Madrid late in the evening. Having passed the control and endless corridors, I only wanted one thing – to take my luggage and go home. But … there was no luggage. It was lost in Paris, said in the letter dropped me on e-mail. Great, I thought and went to make a statement about the loss.

Coldwater flows continued in the subway. Rather, first I had to spend about ten minutes searching for him, and only then find out what taxes are taken at the airport. 7.5 euros for a trip to the house, because 1) you need to buy a card for 2.5 euros; 2) pay the fare; 3) pay 3 euro airport. Robbery!

Good news, however, was also this night. It was warm outside, I quickly got to the house and the owner kindly waited for me and showed everything. An exhausted long way, I crawled under the blanket and closed my eyes. In a dream, as expected, failed almost instantly.

Have you ever had that kind of inconvenience? Write in the comment section below!


Β‘Hasta luego!


9 thoughts on “Mi Madrid #1: Lost and Found

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  1. I’m not a big traveller, but on the few occasions I’ve travelled, my luggage has been lost twice. Got it returned right to my door, though, a day or two later. Last year, flying home to Vancouver from Puerto Rico, are flight was cancelled due to overbooking, and the next one out wasn’t for 24 hours. The airline put us up at the Sheraton and gave us vouchers for 3 free buffet meals, plus a $250.00 credit each, which we just used for last week’s trip.

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  2. I’ve traveled a bit and never had issues with my luggage and I’m happy about that. Traveling is something you need to take a deep breath and have a good book. It’s often a waiting game. I see you fared well on that front.

    Have a fabulous day and week. πŸ™‚

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