My Happy Birthday

At first, you wonder how fast the day passes, and then you realize that it was not a day, but life.

*12 January: Haruki Murakami celebrates his 70 years anniversary

Yesterday was my Happy Birthday. I became a bit older, but still feeling young. 23 is not yet a half of my way and I believe that all good stuff in my life is close to being realized.

My friends organized a big surprise for me, while I was thinking that the evening was going to be upset. I was a bit late running to a bar, mixing thoughts in my mind. And just coming into I saw all of them waiting for me. It was unbelievable!

We had a great time singing songs, talking and drinking colorful shots. I don’t remember last time being so happy that day! I’ve come closer with some of them and can’t forget all the fun I had!

The last but not the least – gifts! It kindly shocked me, cause almost all of them were thematic and related to “Game of Thrones” series, which I like.

Summary: it was the best Happy Birthday ever, no matter it ended with a drop of sadness.

What was your best memorable happy birthday? Write me!

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