24-Hour Challenge: Tallinn in Numbers


The last working week has been come to an end. The Day of Knowledge is behind. A new school year began. We need to gather strength and take the next challenge. It will take a place next week, but what about now? Now I want to talk about the issue, which we arranged with my girlfriend Anna last weekend.

Saturday night we went to Tallinn with the sole purpose – to get around as much as possible in 24 hours. Bars, cafes, sights and simply beautiful places – such was the task. And here is the result:

  • 13 hours by bus (round trip);
  • 1 visited bar;
  • 3 liters of cider drunk;
  • 2 soup of elk and 8 cucumbers caught in “3rd Dragon”;
  • 8 stages of the obstacle course on the playground;
  • 14 degrees near the sea;
  • 2 observation areas with a magnificent view of the Old Town;
  • 3 funny stories with strangers;
  • 3 BIIIG PANCAKES full of filling;
  • 35,000 steps (!!);
  • 43-50 euros spent total.


Once we arrived in Tallinn and walked to the center, a girl approached us to walk together. Her name is Christiana, she is a Latvian. According to her, the guy left the girl because she was drunk. Christiana’s phone was lost somewhere and she asked us to call her a taxi. “I remember the address, and I have money, but the phone … I do not know, I’ve lost it.” We asked the locals for help. Two girls and a guy responded to our request. While waiting for a taxi, a car drove up, from which a Latvian guy came out. We transferred the case under his jurisdiction and moved further towards the center.

In search of a place where you could drink (“Duty Fri” bus driver drove without explanation), we came across a group of guys who lined the column playing Russian music. In general, there were many Russians around, but we decided to approach them and find out where it is better to buy alcohol.

Tallinn Town Hall Square

“Call alcotaxi,” they said, “so it is convenient: the price is ordinaire, for shipping only 5 euros are taken.” But alcohol in Estonian shops are soooo expensive. So we talked with them a bit and went to the bars then. Honestly, we went only to one Scottish pub, where we drank a terrible cider. But we had a great time walking along the narrow streets of the Old Town passing several bars, clubs and closed restaurants. And most importantly – it was very warm. It was raining, but it was not there.

It was four in the morning we sat on the steps of the same Town Hall, when a company of five people, three guys and two girls passed by. One of the guys was talking about a game in which “we play in Ukraine.” They stopped near us. Ten minutes later, two girls passed by, apparently returning home. The Ukrainian was rolled up to them, accompanied by a friend, with unsuccessful try to pick-up them. Afterwards he was surprised when he saw and realized that their company was attended by girls. Alcohol does wonders, what can you say.


  • IMG_5100
    The best pancakes I’ve ever tasted!!!

    Pancakes in Kompressor larger than an adult’s hand: salmon with smoked cheese, chicken fillet with cream cheese and strawberry with curd cream. Feast of the belly! And yes, these guys have cider too, which I advise; (pictuuure —>)

  • The atmosphere of the Middle Ages in “3rd Dragon” with a single light source in the form of candles and delicious meat soup, which you eat without a spoon;
  • Panoramic view from the observation deck to the city, which you want to observe day and night.
Favorite viewing platform; on the left – Church of St. Olaf, Tallinn’s tallest building

P.S. most of the “wi-fi” points in the restaurants are password protected. But the fantasy of the guys is bad. highlander and laborbaar are only 2 examples. Use it!

Me, Anna & sexy man


UPD: this post is participating in EsmeSalon link-up week, where you can read plenty of posts on diffetent topics. I so appreciate that possibility to share my stories with other bloggers and readers. Visit the link above and have a good time πŸ™‚

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  1. HI Igor, Thank you very much for sharing your short story at #seniorsalon. I shared it on my Share, Care & Inspire FB page and also RT. I hope you have had the opportunity to share the Senior Salon post and tag 2 of your own blogging friends. Thank you in advance for helping the group to grow


      1. Igor the best way to do it would be to share the post on social media i.e. twitter and then tag your friends. The other option would be to do a new post on your blog, and then link back to my post that way all your readers will see the post you did and ask them to link to my blog and #seniorsalon. Thank you in advance


    1. Hello Sue! I’m happy that you memorized your visit to Tallinn and you know I was always so lazy to climb that tower, prefering observation points. As I live not so far from Estonia, any time I go there I concern to see nothing new for me. However, I find new places every time I come.

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