Do you control the flow of your life?

This post continues a series of 3rd person stories, which was started here. It makes a question about our life from its roots. An idea came to me several days before while I was reading my diary with a clear aim to remember some days from last spring. And now it’s published. The next step of creating the complex. So…


– My dear friend, – started Andrew after the second set of shots, – can you describe me one pretty thing? – he asked a barmen for repeat. – How could things be sometimes so amazing?

– What do you mean? – I was quite intrigued, but knew that he always tells really weird stories when he’s drunk.

– Well, let me explain, bro, and I will try to finish my thoughts until be beaten by the third set of tequila.

That’s what he told me:

“It happened two days ago. Me and my friend went to the cinema to watch the new movie we’re waiting for weeks. Unexpectedly, we met our friends, a couple, sitting just one row behind. It was quite suspiciously, cause those guys live in another district and have the cinema nearby. It seemed like it would never be happened: we just decided to watch a movie and it was really random moment to go there. But that randomness made me think. Only one week ago the same happened: we met other friends of us in the cinema, during the night session. How random those occasions may be? Should they be skipped like ‘non important’ or must be analyzed?

Assuming that an event of meeting somebody who you know, in the given circumstances, occurs with a possibility p, and the circumstances will be represented as a set of attributes M, then with a few changes in attributes that do not significantly affect the overall picture, the probability of meeting other people with a small difference in circumstances will not be higher than p, closer to be less in a number of cases. Now, if we imagine that such two events – let their probability of occurrence equal p – occur one after another, then it is obvious that the probability of such a combination does not exceed the square of p.

Despite the exact answers of mathematics, we still face a situation where, with a span of one week, one can meet somebody whom he doesn’t expect to see under similar circumstances. Are these meetings casual in terms of coincidences and a series of events in life, or is there a separate meaning behind this?”

I was shocked. Did he say “mathematics” ever before? That guy? I couldn’t believe in a fact that he was able to speak about such irregular things, like possibilities applied to life.

Few days later I tried to realize his words once again. They became less critiqued, opening something new to me and my king of feeling the world. That all was because I met my old friend near one market. Nothing special, but we weren’t in touch for several years, probably he was travelling abroad that time, I didn’t know.

What if Andrew was right?

Do I really control the flow of my life or is it just an illusion of control?

How would you answer that question? Do you believe in destiny or you think that we are able to keep the way independently?


UPD: this post is participating in link-up week, where you can read plenty of posts on diffetent topics. I so appreciate that possibility to share my stories with other bloggers and readers. Visit the link above and have a good time 🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing your post at the Senior Salon. I am glad to meet you. I have already shared your post via Flipboard and Mixed it. Tonight I will share a roundup post with a link back to your post. Please, may I respectfully ask for your help in that you promote this weekly free linkup and get your own followers to also come and participate! Thank you in advance and see you again each week.


    1. I’m so happy to participate the link-up this week and I have already updated this post with a mention of such good page of sharing.
      Thank you for your kindness and help!
      See you on regular basis each week further.


  2. My answer is yes and no. Life presents you some situations or opportunities and it’s up to you to use them or not or to put it better, I believe that some things are unavoidable, but it is up to you how will you react to those.


    1. Does it seem like control? I think it looks more like the way you react, post-reaction on events\situations. What I’ve meant is simply: you are consumer or producer. And often there is only one side – to consume what life gives to you.

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      1. Well, that’s why I said life presents you with some situations or opportunities, but I get what are you aiming for. My comment was a bit incomplete. There are some situations where you are only a consumer,t did where you choose to react only. For example big company from USA wants to hire you and you choose will you do it or not. But if you decide okay I want to search for a job in China in a way you are producer because you had made that choice, no one offered you job there first. Because if someone did that, it would in a way alter your will, because now you are in a position of a consumer.

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